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Alcohol and the brain

Some food for thought for the weekend: what alcohol does to our brain. An adult, healthy body is able to metabolize only (or perhaps: as many as) one drink per hour. If the amount of alcohol in the body is higher than the current detoxification capability of the liver, then acetaldehyde is produced by alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. Acetaldehyde is more toxic than ethanol and acetic acid, and it is the main reason for alcohol overdose symptoms—more commonly known as a hangover. What is interesting is that the presence of alcohol/acetaldehyde changes the function of GABA-dependent neurons in a way similar to autism. Also, in the CSA stool analysis we often see elevated levels of acetic acid. Similar intermediate parameters of acetaldehyde metabolism are seen in the ONE test. Am I suggesting, that someone is serving alcohol to these children? Yes, I definitely am! However, it is not the parents who are at fault, but the intestinal bacteria. The bacteria cause fermentation processes, similar to ones used in the production of wine and vinegar.

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