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Autism, Part III – Autism and Intestinal Diseases

Autism and intestinal diseases according to American Academy of Pediatrics.

GI tract diseases related to autism may present mostly as behavioral problems: changes in behavior, increased irritability or reclusiveness, autoaggression and aggression, unexplained screams, sleep disorders. These symptoms may be indicative of intestine diseases, because often autistic children cannot directly state that they are suffering or what the problem is. GI tract problems do not necessarily present as physical ailments such as diarrhea or constipation. This is why autistic children should be carefully and thoroughly diagnosed.

We also need to rise the awareness among medical service providers, that autistic children may have this kind of problems and they need special, in-depth diagnostics.

Diet needs to be under strict dietician and doctor supervision, in order not to lead to insufficiencies, the results of which may be difficult to treat.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, an integrated biomedical and behavioral-therapeutic approach gives the best results. Patients with autism require a wide spectrum of tests, especially genetic and allergological ones.

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