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Non-Absorbable Antibiotics for Intestinal Problems

In case of intestinal problems, the usual prescriptions are non-absorbable antibiotics, such as Rifaximin, Gentamicin, Neomycin, Vancomycin, and Nystatin. Is it a good idea? How can treatment with any kind of antibiotic be beneficial for intestinal health, when all the time we keep hearing that antibiotics have a detrimental effect on gut flora, and they […]

Wróg czai się w piaskownicy – TOKSOKAROZA

Place zabaw, piaskownice, piasek na plaży to wspaniałe miejsce zabaw dla dzieci, które jak wiadomo “lubią się brudzić” i budować zamki z piasku. Niestety, na małych budowniczych czyha groźny wróg, który może na trwałe zniszczyć im zdrowie. Na niechronionych placach swobodnie chodzące psy i koty zostawiają w piasku swoje “pamiątki”, ponieważ właściciele czworonogów puszczają je […]

Controlled by Aliens: TOXOPLASMOSIS

Do you remember the movie “Alien”, in which extra-terrestrials burrowed into flesh of a space ship’s crew members, slowly taking over the control of their behavior, while eating the hosts from the inside? If you believe such a scenario belongs only in the realm of fantasy, then you are mistaken. The alien stowaway is very […]

How to SAFELY Remove a Tick?

Use tweezers with narrowing ends. Grab the tick as shown on the video, near the mandibles, close to the place it is attached to. The pointed ends of the tweezers should be clamped on the tick’s head (or as close to it as possible). Pull it up slowly, gradually, without tugging, until it is detached […]

Autoimmunologial encephalitis in children

Researchers form three different countries have published a review article in “Neurology” (June 2017) regarding autoimmunologial encephalitis. Some of the topics this comprehensive publication touches on are: diagnostic challenges, methods of detecting antibodies, decisions regarding treatment, seronegative cases, and challenges in monitoring patients. Key information: Many of the known cases of autoimmunological encephalitis are central […]

Diet and Inflammation in Brain Aging and Dementia

How diet affects inflammation and dementia Scientists believe they have discovered a factor proving the effects of diet on dementia. By combining particular eating habits with the level of inflammation markers in the blood, they have shown that in older people who do not eat sufficiently balanced meals, the amount of gray matter in the […]

Agricultural Pesticides and Health

What are pesticides and how do they work? Pesticides utilized in agriculture are synthetic or natural substances used to combat dangerous or unwanted organisms, and are used for crop protection. Pesticides can have an extremely beneficial effect on increasing food production, by reducing the losses in agriculture. However, the negative effects accumulate, ultimately outweighing the […]

Lyme Disease Causes Dementia and Memory Loss

Bacteria and dementia: a short historical overview There are many known causes of dementia, with bacteria being one of them. Despite the historic and modern significance of bacterial influence in the research of dementia and memory loss, they are currently commonly ignored. Hundreds of years ago, there was only one known reason for dementia was […]

Autism, Part V: Liver Detoxification

Detoxification of the liver and causes of its dysfunctions A dysfunctional liver detoxification process leads to an accumulation of toxins, both external (taken in from the environment) as well as internal (produced by sources such as harmful microorganisms). For example, endogenous alcohol, is much more active than the exogenous one. This causes phenomena such as […]

Autism, Part IV: Intestinal Toxins

Intestinal toxins If we looked at autism as a tree, the roots would be genetic changes, the branches – intestinal diseases, incorrect diet, bacteria, inflammation, imbalanced or weakened immune system, and the trunk, the bottleneck, would be toxins, which constitute the biggest problem in autism. The brain of autistic children is flooded by neurotoxins, e.g.: […]