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New Service on Offer

More and more laboratories worldwide offer a highly technologically-advanced, personalized genetic testing from the field of nutrigenomics, a branch of science studying the effect of our nutrients on gene expression, which may influence both health and disease. Sadly, the test itself, despite being expensive, is all but useless to most patients as long as it is not accompanied by an interpretation and dietary recommendations. The Arcana Institute of Integrative Medicine led by dr. Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska possesses the knowledge and preparation enabling us to offer a new service: interpretation of an individual genetic profile performed in any laboratory, and choosing the correct supplementation and diet. Starting from March 1st, patients will be able to register with test results in order to […]

How to SAFELY Remove a Tick?

Use tweezers with narrowing ends. Grab the tick as shown on the video, near the mandibles, close to the place it is attached to. The pointed ends of the tweezers should be clamped on the tick’s head (or as close to it as possible). Pull it up slowly, gradually, without tugging, until it is detached from the skin. The tick injects bacteria only about 24 hours after attaching itself. The sooner you remove it safely, the lesser the risk of infection will be.

Lyme Disease Causes Dementia and Memory Loss

Bacteria and dementia: a short historical overview There are many known causes of dementia, with bacteria being one of them. Despite the historic and modern significance of bacterial influence in the research of dementia and memory loss, they are currently commonly ignored. Hundreds of years ago, there was only one known reason for dementia was known: syphilis, which is also caused by bacteria. In the progress of this disease, initally nerves become infected, and eventually infection reaches the brain and starts doing damage from the inside. The last stage of syphilis is dementia, also called neurosyphilis. Alois Alzherimer himself only wrote on dementia present in neurosyphilis, and it was only the head of psychiatry department where Alzheimer worked, Emil Kraepelin, […]