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Enemy Lurks in the Sandbox: TOXOCARIASIS

Playgrounds, sandboxes, or sand on the beach: they are all great places for children to play. As we know, kids “like to be dirty” or to build sand castles. Sadly, the little builders are stalked by a dangerous enemy that can ruin their health permanently. In unprotected playgrounds, freely roaming dogs and cats may leave “souvenirs” in the sand, when their owners let them loose and do not clean their excrement. Children get their hands dirty, put them in their mouth, and just like that, become hosts to some of the extremely dangerous parasitic diseases, such as toxoplasmosis and toxocariasis. Cute kitties and puppies Does your child want a dog or a cat, preferably a small and fluffy one? Or […]

Controlled by Aliens: TOXOPLASMOSIS

Do you remember the movie “Alien”, in which extra-terrestrials burrowed into flesh of a space ship’s crew members, slowly taking over the control of their behavior, while eating the hosts from the inside? If you believe such a scenario belongs only in the realm of fantasy, then you are mistaken. The alien stowaway is very close. Crawling, shape-shifting beings may enter our bodies whenever we eat a steak tartare or a rare one. An alien can attack us when we cut meat on the same chopping board we use to prepare other foods. It may enter our bodies by contact with an outdoor cat’s feces, because it is cats that are the final prey of the invisible foe. Parasites, whose […]