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D.M.SC. Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska

I am a doctor by vocation: it has been my dream since I was a child. Medicine, to me, has only one dimension, the same it had for Hippocrates. In his days, there were no narrow specializations: a patient was an integral whole, and not a set of organs. In my work I always try to maintain this broad, holistic view of the patient and their disease, which I see not as an impaired function of one or several organs, but as an expression of interconnected disorders of the body. This is why, after finishing medical school, I started acquiring knowledge in the fields of natural medicine, nutrition and supplementation, while specializing in family medicine. The latter gave me wide knowledge of not only pediatrics and internal medicine, but also basic neurology, allergology, gynecology, endocrinology, toxicology etc. I am particularly interested in biochemical roots of various chronic diseases. In the UK and the USA, this is called Functional Medicine. This branch of medicine is not yet popular in our country.

I have gained my experience by working, among others, at Breakspear Medical Group in the UK, as well as numerous trainings in the USA and the UK.

I am especially familiar with the topic of neurological disorders caused by abnormal internal organ function, including bowel inflammation, abnormal liver function etc.

An example of such a dysfunction is autism, which, according to the researcher Martha Herbert is “disorder that affects the brain and not a brain disorder.” This matter is of special interest to me, because autism is a disease that destroys lives of whole families of those affected.

I also treat and diagnose other diseases listed in the “Integrative Medicine” tab.