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Change of office hours 13.10.-20.11.2017

We would like to inform that from 13 October to 20 November Dr. Cubala Kucharska will be staying abroad. For this reason, a response time for any questions will be extended.

Between 18 October and 21 November, the Arcana Cabinet will be open from Monday to Thursday from 13 to 19, with the exception of 19 October and of 8-9, 13 and 16 November.

Due to a large number of phones, please email us at or please write via the form in the “Contact” tab.

Between 16-17 October and 1-2, 8-9 and 16 November the Arcana Cabinet will be closed and there will be no opportunity to contact Dr Cubala and reception.

Samples for faeces, urine and hair should be delivered to the office (in person or by courier) on:
– October 23rd. 13-19 or 24 October. 9-15
– November 13th. 10-16 or 14 November. 9-15.

Serum for testing (eg zoonotic panel, neuroinfection panel, virus panel, bartonella, yersin, campylobacter, mycoplasmas, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia) can be provided every Monday and Tuesday during office opening hours, except 16-17 and 30-31 October.