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Defeat Autism NOW

Defeat Autism NOW is a movement started in the USA by a psychologist Bernard Rimland, father of an autistic son. Defeat Autism Now! is a social movement initiated by parents of autistic children, focused around Autism Research Institute, which was established by Rimland. Its task is to initiate and conduct research regarding autism biology in order to find medical reasons of this modern-day epidemic.

Thanks to the scientists associated with this movement, it became possible to identify many immunological and environmental factors, which can be at the root of autism in children, as well as introduce various medical interventions, which, chosen in a per-case basis, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of autistic children.

Through their work, autism has stopped being perceived as a brain disorder, and is instead seen as a disorder that affects the brain.

The DAN! movement gathers doctors and medical practitioners, who are committed to furthering their professional development regarding autism and utilizing medical interventions based on a proper diet, treatment of the GI tract and functional medicine.

The DAN! movement is based on the achievements of 21st century science, which allows identifying complicated mechanisms hiding under the guise of autism.

Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska M.D. is affiliated with the DAN! movement and continues scientific and intellectual exchange with its leaders.