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Losing weight is an ongoing problem for many of us.

Having a slim body is one of the very few trends that do not seem to pass, instead of becoming ever more popular. Having a slim physique not only increases our confidence, but also, what can be arguably be seen as most important, improves our health.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to shed excess pounds despite their efforts.

In these cases, aside from following some common-sense tips useful in weight loss, it is important to diagnose certain predispositions.

The reason for excess weight may lie in hormonal imbalances, e.g. excess testosterone in women or excess estrogen in men. Often these are caused by environmental poisoning, which inhibits hormone pathways.

In such cases, proper weight can only be achieved after stabilizing the endocrine function.

Additionally, food intolerances and allergies may also be a reason for obesity. Removal of allergens from the menu may itself be enough to lose weight.
Another problem often seen in overweight people is insulin imbalance.

The above-mentioned states are often accompanied by excess cortisol production caused by chronic inflammations. Cortisol causes the characteristic belly fat and a “bloated” face. In these cases, regulating the levels of this hormone via reduction of inflammation or medication which modulates its production helps not only in getting rid of excess weight, but also in achieving a general improvement in health.

Another reason for obesity may be a deficiency of the happiness hormone, serotonin. Insufficient production of this neurotransmitter leads us to “eating problems away”, and indulging in sweets and high-calorie meals too often.

In these cases, when we want to lose weight, we must first balance the neurohormonal pathway of this neurotransmitter using proper supplements. Also increasing the amount of physical exercise and sunlight may regulate its secretion.

Obesity is not always caused by simple overeating and simply limiting meals and increasing physical activity is not always enough to shed the excess pounds. Finding the root of the problem helps us to resolve it once and for all.