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6-year-old Jakub is autistic. His mom organizes charity auctions on Allegro, currently offering over 500 various items.

Angelika is three and a half years old. In May 2010, she has been diagnosed with severe childhood autism. Up to now Angie has made tremendous progress

Johnny has been diagnosed with “Pervasive developmental disorder” (F84.9 according to ICD-10), considered a disease on the autism spectrum. Thanks to working hard (over 3 years) and with the help of many people, Johnny still has a chance to overcome his disease – it has been stopped in 2007, and ever since then he is making steady progress.

Four-year-old Bartek suffers from infantile autism. Parents appeal for donating 1% of income tax for his cause. The procedure is very simple and costs nothing, aside from entering the following data on the yearly PIT form: Foundation name: Fundacja „Zdążyć z Pomocą”, KRS number: 0000037904 and in “extra information” in the second row: dla Bartosza Chełstowskiego


“Chcę Zrozumieć” (“I want to understand”)

The “Chcę Zrozumieć” association has been created by parents of autistic children focused around Rzeszów’s “MEDYK” Health Center, in cooperation with specialists in psychological and logopedics therapy. Currently the association extends its care to 35 families of children on the autistic spectrum. Our pupils come from the whole podkarpackie voivodeship. Activity of the association began even before it was officially entered into the registry, by regular monthly meetings of the support group for parents lead by a psychologist and logopedist. These meetings still take place on the first Friday of every month, with 10 to 20 attendees.


A perfect blog on the biology of autism, written by Paweł Pflegel: “Autyzm-biologia”