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Anti-ageing, or preventing the processes of getting old, is much more than just caring about youthful looks. It is a term mostly related to maintaining health, great well-being, and full vitality until the late years of life.

Becoming old is associated with a superiority of degenerative processes in our cells over the regenerative ones. Our organs wear out with age.

Due to environmental stress, we accumulate intracellular damage, which becomes a cause of joint degeneration, atrophy of muscle mass, endocrine system insufficiencies, increase of fat percentage in the body, thinning and atrophy of mucosa, and a host of other diseases, including those associated with destruction of nervous cells, which lead to various neuropathies and senility symptoms, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

We became ever less agile, it becomes difficult to move, daily activities take more time, we get memory lapses, we start having problems with our joints, indigestion, and heart.
Can this dark scenario be changed?

Thanks to the progress of science, we know that the effects of an environment may significantly lengthen or shorten our lifespan. Similarly with its quality – we can increase it significantly and enjoy good health even in advanced age. It is possible by preventing environmental diseases and age-related degenerative processes.

We learn more and more about the mechanisms lying at the root of aging. One of the most important ones is the aging-induced increase in susceptibility to so-called oxidative stress. It is a very dangerous phenomenon caused by so-called free radicals, which corrode, just like rust, our blood vessels, nervous cells, retina, joints etc.

Free radicals only partially come from the outside (e.g. cigarette smoke or car exhaust). Usually they are produced by our own body, due to chronic inflammation or harmful environmental factors.

These unusually chemically active substances cause the biggest damage deep inside of us, in the genetic material (DNA) of our mitochondria, the “powerhouses” inside our cells. Mitochondria are responsible for the most important vital processes which supply our body with energy. It is the damage present there that is considered the beginning of aging processes.

Our body, similarly to our cars, needs protection from corrosion, which prevents the destructive effects of free radicals.

This protection is offered by so-called antioxidants. When we are well saturated with them, the free radicals cannot do any harm, since they are neutralized on the fly.

We also need substances which regenerate the membranes of damaged mitochondria and cells: phospholipids and omega 3 acids. Without them, the liquid surface of our cells loses elasticity and becomes rigid, which prevents it from fulfilling its protective functions.

Phospholipids also help us to maintain the structure of mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses, where the most important vital processes take place. It is mitochondria that each of our cells uses to “breathe.” The proper maintenance of both mitochondria membranes and the processes undergoing in their interior (called the matrix) is done by providing the proper substrates and is one of the most important factors that allow us to preserve youth – both “internal” and “external”, because the same processes that nourish our organs also help us maintain youthful looks.

Maintaining youth is also associated with the proper pH balance of our body. As we age, the tissues of the body accumulate acidic substances. This is fostered by incorrect diet (based on the excess of proteins, caffeine and carbohydrates), lack of physical activity, stress, and medicines taken. The acidic tissues have a tendency to swell and accumulate other toxins from the environment.
Alkalization of the body, the process of neutralizing acids by providing a correct amount of alkaline substances, helps to stop ageing processes and prevents the development of many dangerous diseases.

Proper anti-ageing is really about restoring balance to the body, and not just smoothing out wrinkles. There are many natural methods, which cause deep regeneration of damaged tissues, and prevent further damage by time and environment.

Internal youth can be achieved by using properly-chosen herbal extracts and supplements, which will help to regenerate the damaged tissue, and also by maintaining proper nutrition or non-arduous yet noticeable changes of some habits, all adjusted to our lifestyle and its pace. In order to actually be effective, the methods of anti-ageing therapy need to respect the uniqueness of both our personality and our metabolism.

Mitochondrial and functional medicine, by applying Nobel-awarded modern scientific discoveries in diagnostics and treatment, penetrates the biochemical mysteries of our body and protects us from and treats even the most difficult civilizational diseases.

It is now possible to maintain youthfulness and vitality for a long time. Will is all that is needed.